Oasis Aquatics 


We are a New Jersey based importer, breeder, and distributor of the worlds finest tropical fish. With over 20 years of fish keeping and breeding experience, we strive to share our passion with the community. Over the past decade we have made contacts all over the world to get us the most rare, unique, and high quality fish available. Here at Oasis, we dedicate all of our time to caring for the fish and coral we bring in. Not a single fish, frag, colony, or invertabrate leaves our store without being quarantined, preventatively medicated, and fattened up. Our fish go through rigorous inspection and top notch care. Over the years we have found that nothing can replace the love and passion that we have for our animals. From newly imported species, to monster fish, to oddballs that you won't find anywhere else, we have it all! Find your Oasis. 

915 Route 517 Hackettstown NJ 07840